Missing Missouri Child Found Dead

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A missing child from Missouri has been discovered dead just about a mile from his home. This saddening outcome to a frantic search comes as a bittersweet bit of closure for those who knew the boy.


The small body found in a cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri has been identified as one-year-old Tyler Dasher. The grisly discovery came just hours after he was reported missing by his mother, 20-year-old Shelby Dasher. Investigators are now trying to figure out who kidnapped the little boy and why they murdered him. Police sources say that nobody has been eliminated as a suspect, but they currently haven’t made any arrest in connection with this horrible child murder.

Is the disappearance of Tyler Dasher related to missing baby Lisa Irwin?

Some news sources have been drawing comparisons between the alleged kidnap and murder of Tyler Dasher with another missing child case in the state of Missouri. However, these two alleged abductions occurred over four hours apart. Still, it’s not completely impossible that someone could have abducted baby Lisa Irwin before abducting another child in the same manner a month later, four hours away. Serial predators aren’t unknown to work in this manner. The fact of the matter is that this child was reported to have been abducted in the same style as the Kansas City missing infant.

It’s also a bit disheartening to hear that there are reports of witnesses seeing a man dressed in dark clothing carrying a small child, wrapped in a blanket, not far from the home from which the boy vanished. This is almost identical to the case of Lisa Irwin because witnesses claimed to see a man in a white shirt carrying a baby not far from the child’s home. So, it’s easy to draw these conclusions; that the two disappearances could be connected. However, this could also be a copycat style abduction or a coverup. Anything is possible, and hopefully investigators are on top of this.


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