Missing “Return of the Jedi” Sequence Screens at “Star Wars” Fest (Video)

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Never-before-seen footage from Return of the Jedi has hit the web (video below), depicting Luke Skywalker building and activating a green lightsaber as he officially becomes a Jedi Knight, and Darth Vader trying to get Luke to join the dark side. The clip was first screened at this weekend’s “Star Wars Celebration V” convention in Orlando, Florida.

The clip is eclipsing the news that all six live-action Star Wars movies will come out on Blu-Ray next year. According to a Lucasfilm press release, Episodes I-VI will come out in a boxed set “utilizing the highest possible picture and audio presentation, along with extensive special features – including documentaries, vintage behind-the-scenes moments, interviews, retrospectives and never-before-seen footage from the Lucasfilm archives.”

In other words: Milk it, Georgie boy!

The Blu-Ray versions will be the same as the ones that came out on DVD a few years ago, and not the original versions that screened in theaters. On the plus side, there will apparently not be yet more Jar-Jar Binks stuff included in the first three (which, as you may recall, were the last three released) movies.

And now a look at what the series was originally about: Luke, not Vader:

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