Missing Satara Stratton Possibly on Drugs with Sex Offender

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The mother of Satara Stratton has released more details regarding the disappearance of the missing Tennessee woman—who had traveled to Los Angeles to become an actress. Known as “Satara Silver” on her IMDB page, the missing woman has alleged struggles with heroin and could possibly be in the company of a sex offender in California.

It’s reported that the 24-year-old woman moved from Tennessee six years ago to pursue her acting career in Hollywood, but she quickly went on a downward spiral involving drugs and rehab. It’s a shame when Hollywood chews up its young actresses and spits them out, but even sadder when it happens to young women before they ever have the chance to get their feet in the door of the industry. Photos shown of Satara Stratton from years ago show a beautiful young woman full of potential, but more recent photos before her disappearance show a miserable person overcome by drug use and other telltale troubles.

The mother of the missing woman says that the girl had gone into rehab over heroin use, but sex offender Paul Constantinescu picked her up and she left the facility with him. The man was last seen with Satara around the time she was last heard from by her family in October. However, it’s reported that a friend in California had seen the young woman a couple of weeks ago. The woman didn’t divulge any further information upon the mention of the sex offender.

There are also bits of evidence in the case, but police are not clarifying on what was found in the registered sex offender’s apartment. Whatever it was they found, hopefully it leads them to the whereabouts of both Satara Stratton and the man last seen with her.

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