Missing Woman Breaking Update — Human Remains Found

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The long search for a missing woman may be over after human remains were discovered this week in the woman’s Tennessee hometown. This is a grim week for the residents of Signal Mountain, just four hours from Darden, Tennessee where Holly Bobo vanished in the same month.

Sources report that Gail Palmgren’s Jeep was discovered in her hometown after a several-months-long search that took investigators all over the state and even into Alabama and surrounding regions. How did they just now find the jeep if they adequately searched Signal Mountain in the first place?

In addition to the Jeep, nearby, human remains were discovered. Sources cannot confirm whether or not the decomposing human remains are Gail Palmgren, but it’s probably safe to say that they very well could be.

Missing women in Tennessee

The state of Tennessee appears to have a problem with women going missing. In particular, blonde women go missing frequently in the southern state. Although it’s true that there are far more missing people that are not white and blonde, there has been speculation for months now (and longer) that there could be a serial abductor and murderer. This has been made apparent by the disappearances of Shelley Mook, Holly Bobo, Gail Palmgren, and Karen Johnson Swift. There are also other missing women in surrounding states, all just hours from one another, that are missing. These women, fitting the same descriptions as the others, include Lauren Spierer, Katelyn Markham, and Paige Johnson.

If these remains turn out to be those of Gail Palmgren, how long will it be before more clues come up in the disappearances of the other mentioned women in Tennessee? Only time will tell.


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