Missing Woman Found Dead in Field

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The frantic search for a missing woman has come to a bitter end after her body was discovered in a field about three miles from where her car was discovered earlier. It’s apparent that foul play is involved.

4e7402d201929Sources reveal that the 19-year old missing Amanda Bach was last seen on her way to visit a male friend before her abandoned car, and then her body, was discovered. Police report that this friend, who isn’t being named, is now a person of interest and is also missing at the moment. Upon superficial speculation, it does certainly seem like this “male friend” of the missing woman, could be guilty of some wrongdoing. He’s nowhere to be found, and police are trying to find him for questioning.

Amanda Bach, of Portage, is described as a popular and friendly woman who was well-known by everyone in the area. Friends who went to school with the slain woman say that if someone didn’t know her, there was something wrong with them. A strange comment to make, but nonetheless it shows just how popular Bach was in this Indiana community.

Amanda Bach was possibly abducted from her vehicle before she was slain, since it was discovered abandoned with a flat tire and the driver’s side door open. The keys were abandoned in the ignition indicating that the woman was not intending on leaving her car for long. She had to have been seeking help for her flat tire. Portage, Indiana is just three or so hours from Bloomington, from where 20-year old fashion student Lauren Spierer disappeared in June. Could these two cases be connected in any way, or do police have a strong inclination to suspect this so-called male friend of the victim?

It seems that in a 700 mile radius the abductions and murders of innocent young women are increasing. Perhaps investigators should take a keener look at the possibility that this could be happening. Something doesn’t sit right with the theory that her male friend is responsible, even if it doesn’t make sense that he’s “missing.”

The state in which she left her vehicle doesn’t really seem like she was with anybody at all. Maybe she never made it to her friend, or she was on her way back? There aren’t enough details released about this young woman’s death to make any further speculation; but it would be interesting to find out just how she died. Was she sexually assaulted or was this a different type of crime? There are just too many questions to ponder.


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