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“Friends, although no one on this earth knows God’s exact timing, many Christians strongly  believe that it’s short before the rapture of the Church takes place and the world’s 7 year tribulation period begins… The labor pains that Jesus warned us of are intensifying daily…. To the non believers and those who are sitting on the fence, be they Christian or otherwise, I want to share this story by Grant Phillips.. It’s an explaination of sorts, and hope for those who, at that time, will see no hope. It’s addressed to those left here, just in case you would find yourself among them.  I pray that you don’t ignore salvation or wait to read this to choose, untill after it happens…There’s hopefully still time~Sandy

Multitudes of people have vanished. The President may have announced that UFOs have been spotted, and aliens have removed certain people from the earth. He may say something like “those removed were right-wing hate mongers, who had no love nor compassion for their fellow-man, emphasizing that they were stubborn and intolerant toward others, holding mankind back from being a one world society, united in love.” Others have come out to support his claim; aerospace leaders, Hollywood spoke-persons, news agencies, Congress and sadly, even many church leaders. 

You’re scared, because something doesn’t make sense. If all they say is true, what about the children and babies? They don’t fit in with the government’s explanation. What really happened?

You’re searching the Internet now, looking for possible answers that the government isn’t providing. The Internet is very slow today. Many others must have the same idea. You’ve also heard rumors that the government is in the process of blocking certain areas of the Internet. You need to hurry.

Now, the truth. The stories your Grandmother told you about a Rapture are true, except they weren’t stories. It happened. God removed His own people, true Christians, from the earth, and now all left behind must endure tremendous hardship. The period of history you are about to go through will last seven years. It is called the Tribulation, and will be a hell on earth, especially the latter half, called the Great Tribulation.

If you have access to a book we Christians called our “Bible”, you need to read the section in the Bible called “John”. This section, or book, within the Bible will tell you about God’s Son, Jesus, who can give you everlasting life. In the third chapter, verse sixteen, Jesus says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Also read another part in our Bible. It is in “Ephesians”. Read chapter two, verses eight and nine. It says, “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

If you put your life in God’s hands now, by trusting Him through faith, He will be with you in this terrible time you are entering, and give to you the everlasting life He promised.  At some point during these seven years, you will probably be killed, but the real you, your soul, will be saved. You will be with the rest of us in Heaven with Jesus. There were no UFOs friends, only Jesus who came for His own. You were left behind because you were not His at that time. You still can be His though, if you ask Him to save you. That is your only hope. The last half of this Tribulation period will be much worse than what you are currently experiencing. Do not delay.  You may then sadly recall that we who disappeared had been warning others for years that this very thing was going to happen. You were left behind, but you do not have to be left out. READ MISSING


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