Mistresses Michelle McGee and Jamie Junger in a New Reality Show?

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I love the show Cheaters. Although I feel bad for those who honestly don’t know they were dating a dog, it’s satisfying to see the cheaters unmasked on national(or at least syndicated)television. Bobby Goldstein, who created the show is trying to sell a celebrity version, called appropriately, Celebrity Cheaters, that would “catch celebrity cheaters with their pants down.” According to TMZ, the show would star Jesse James mistress, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee and the “winner” of Howard Sterns’ Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant, Jamie Jungers.

What kind of celebrities would be featured? Real celebrities or those hoping to get their fame back? I’m guessing the latter.

If those two are the ones trying to track down the cheaters, it seems kind of hypocritical, but probably entertaining. You have to make that 15 minutes of fame count! Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t want to be famous for having an affair. Who would want that kind of notoriety?

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