Mitch Winehouse: Lady Gaga Could Play His Daughter in Movie

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Lady Gaga could end up playing Amy Winehouse in a movie about the late singer’s life — she’s the top choice of Mitch Winehouse to play his daughter in a biopic.

Previous reports stated that Mitch would not sign off on a movie based on Amy’s life. He allegedly shot down talk that her boyfriend Reg Traviss might direct her biopic, saying that he would not license her songs for a film. However, a new report seems to indicate that he’s still open to the idea of a movie based on Amy’s short life.

According to the Sunday Mirror, Mitch Winehouse recently met Gaga’s parents at Tony Bennett’s birthday party (Amy Winehouse and Gaga both recorded songs with Bennett). Here’s what he reportedly said about the possibility of Mama Monster playing Amy in a biopic: “I have heard that Lady Gaga is keen to play Amy in a film. I don’t know what her English accent is like but it’s not just an English accent she would have to perfect – it’s an English-Cockney-Jewish accent so she better start practicing now.”

Gaga recently talks with a bizarre faux British accent, so she would certainly have to work hard on getting Amy’s voice right. And while she’s an excellent singer, she would also need to change her singing style a bit to sound more like Amy (if it’s even possible).

The look thing wouldn’t be too much of a problem, although Lady Gaga is currently not thin enough to play Amy Winehouse in her later days. But if Mama Monster did get the part, you can bet she’d put her health at risk to get scary skinny. As eccentric as she is, she might even go through with getting breast implants to resemble Amy after she went under the knife.

Perhaps Mitch Winehouse previously shot down the movie rumors because he wants to be the one to make it. If this is the case, he can’t go wrong casting Gaga – she has said that she colored her hair blonde early in her career because people kept mistaking her for Amy (that’s Gaga in the photo to the right).

So what do you think – should Gaga make her acting debut in such a big role?

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