Mitt Romney at Fairfax County Park: ‘We Will Restore Our Military Commitment’

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Mitt Romney spoke at a Fairfax, Virginia park (A suburb of Washington D.C.) on Thursday making a number of troubling, but not particularly surprising, statements. Just a day after his blunderous political attack on Obama over the Libya Embassy tragedy, Romney opened his remarks saying that we had “heavy hearts” and that we were in “mourning.” However, immediately, one person was escorted out after they began shouting “why are you politicizing Libya?”

Mitt Romney

Romney made several remarks that have people sitting up and taking notice. One was his claim that what Barack Obama has done has “led to a larger and larger gap between the wealthier and the rest of America.” Well, no one would know better than Romney how big that gap really is, but is someone as rich as Romney, who has no real inkling of the struggles of the average middle-class American, the one to close that gap?

Particularly troubling was when Romney spoke about America becoming a stronger leader on the world stage, and he was critical of Obama, saying that he was planning to downsize the military and restrict them to only waging one war at a time. He said that Obama had “done something that I find very hard to understand. Ever since FDR, we’ve had the capacity to be engaged in two conflicts at once. And he’s said no, we’re going to cut that back to only one conflict.” Then, Romney promised his supporters, “we will restore our military commitment.”

This was referring to a Defense Strategy Review change last year that Romney was against, saying that it would weaken the preparedness of the United States. Then, he inferred that if he had been President, those Libyans would get a talking-to from Big Daddy USA. “The world needs American leadership, the Middle East needs American leadership, and I intend to be a president that provides the leadership that America respects and will keep us admired throughout the world.”

Mitt Romney seems like the sort of dad that was very generous with the corporal punishment, and now he thinks that the US should be giving the Libyans a good old-fashioned spanking for the Embassy attacks. Aren’t Mormons supposed to be peaceful?

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