Mitt Romney Blames Obama for Gas Prices, but is in Big Oil’s Pocket

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Tonight Mitt Romney and his stepford wife addressed his followers in what he referred to as “The Beginning of a Better America,” but his speech was a lot of blah blah blah. Like many politicians of this man’s character, Mitt managed to make a lot of vocal noises without saying much. Of course, he went on a tirade asking voters questions like, “Is it easier to sell your home? [under Obama’s presidency]” and “Is it cheaper to put gas in your cars?”

It’s funny how he mentions the high gas prices, trying to connect them to President Barack Obama, when the fact of the matter is that “Big Oil” has him in their pockets for upwards of $200,000.00. Mitt Romney is a man for corporations and not the American people, as has been made totally obvious since he stepped up to bat against the current administration.

Do you think American voters are going to buy into his lame connection between Obama and high gas prices? Probably, if borderline false reports from Fox News commentators and other far-right leaning sources get their way. It’s simply unfortunate that so many people may vote for Mitt based on him talking out of the side of his neck, meanwhile promising bigger tax cuts and other monetary deals for “Big Oil” and other entities that are in no way interested in getting American citizens back to work.

Hopefully American voters have learned from past mistakes of voting for a leader who wants to give tax cuts to the richest Americans based on the false theory that it will stimulate the economy with this so-called “trickle down” effect. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for “Big Oil.” If you plan on voting for him, you may as well write in “Money Bags” instead.

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