Mitt Romney Does Not Inspire Republicans: Can He Win Nomination?

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For some reason Mitt Romney does not inspire Republicans. On paper he really appears to have it all. He looks presidential; he has plenty of money; he is a good speaker. However, he just doesn’t rally support.

Mitt Romney Does Not Inspire Republicans: Can He Win Nomination?Part of Mitt Romney’s Republican problem is that right-wing conservatives do not believe that he truly shares their beliefs. The bad thing about this is that the U.S. is in desperate need of somebody who can be a bit centrist. It is possible that Romney could do that if he were ever given a chance, but it honestly doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

The latest polls show that Governor Chris Christie, who is not even running, would inspire more votes than Mitt Romney. Rick Perry also caused him trouble when he entered the race.

It is a shame that the Tea Party and other super conservative members of the Republican Party could end up keeping Mitt Romney from being the candidate. If something is going to change in the U.S. government, then the people running it are going to have to be moderate and a lot more willing to compromise. Right now that is not happening in Washington.

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