Mitt Romney has the Donald, Obama has Buffett: Who does America have?

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Mitt Romney has the Donald to give him guidance on how to deal with those Secret Service employees living the wicked life on tax payers’ dimes: Fire them!

The Washington Post reported that Romney said on Wednesday that if he were the one in the Oval office he would “clean house” of all the guilty Secret Service personnel involved.

But Romney’s not in the White House…yet. And Obama says the Secret Service has his “full confidence.”

Obama, who is in the White House, isn’t working the job on his own either, calling on Warren Buffett to help him when he’s in a pickle, like with how to sell Americans on why they should ignore the math and choose to approve a higher tax percentage for the wealthy. Never mind the fact that it would only net the U.S. about $50 billion towards their whopping $900 trillion dollars debt.

So does this mean Warren Buffet and Donald Trump should be the ones running for president instead of Obama and Romney, since it is their advice—or leads–the current presidential candidates seem to be taking?

Probably not. Despite the vast wealth of Buffet, he hasn’t aided Obama in figuring out how to turn around the struggling and debt-ridden American economy like he has been known to do for companies. So what good is he?

And the Donald threw in the towel on running for president like his “Apprentice” contestants do for the show. So how would that help?

The solution is simple: Forget the fuzzy math wealthy tax, and let Romney fire Congress and Washington of all the corrupt (GSA, Secret Service) employees that take taxpayers for a ride every day (and laugh about it).

Why choose Romney instead of the current administration? Well, Americans know Obama won’t do it, as it’s obvious that the mess seems to be just getting worse on his watch—and with his appointees (Martha Johnson, GSA). So where’s the logic in that?

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