Mitt Romney (& His Money) For President?

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Mitt Romney made a lot of money and he’s not going to apologize for that. He told Fox News Megyn Kelly, “In this race, we want someone who can help other people become successful.” Does that mean he thinks that because he has money, he should just be president?

Mitt Romney by Gage SkidmoreThese statements were made in response to Megyn Kelly’s question regarding Romney’s appeal on voters with an income of less that $100,000. Kelly also pointed out that failing to connect with voters “has been a recurring theme” for Romney, who then pointed out that he was the best candidate with real-world economic experience. He also said that having a million more votes than his competitors proves his overall appeal, especially pertaining to independents, tea partyers, women, and across all income groups.

Recent mention of two of Romney’s friends owning NASCAR and NFL teams has made some voters uncomfortable, making him harder to relate to. Imagine that? It’s hard to relate to the guy who is your boss’ boss’ boss. It’s understandable that even middle class voters would have trouble relating to Romney, as well as the lower-income class.

By the looks of The Wall Street Journal Delegate Tracker, it appears Mitt Romney is way in the lead, with 495 delegates. Could it be Obama versus Romney? Which way would you go?

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