Mitt Romney Is Wrong and Reckless

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President Obama criticized Mitt Romney during tonight’s debate at Lynn University as proposing “wrong and reckless” policies on domestic and foreign policy. Romney’s response is that he can create 12 million new jobs. Oh yeah? What exactly is that plan, Mr. Romney? And how does that pertain to foreign policy?

President Obama mentioned several of Romney’s mistakes over the course of this campaign. One such mistake is saying Russia is our biggest threat. President Obama responded, “The 80s called, they want their foreign policy back.”

The President also got in another zinger in response to Romney saying the Navy is the smallest it’s been since 1916. Obama’s response was, “We have fewer horses and bayonets too. We have these things called aircraft carriers.”

Romney also said he wanted to arm Syria. Reagan armed Iran and that is turning out well, don’t you think?

Romney also went on and on about President Obama going on an “apology tour” that has been proven numerous times to be completely false. President Obama looked really tired and disgusted with all the lies.

Drones were mentioned and Romney actually said he agreed with that technology. Does the GOP know that? Isn’t that one of the things the Republicans like to use against Obama? That he has “kill lists” and he kills “innocent” people with his drone strikes? Well, Romney is all for it!

Basically Romney knows about as much about foreign policy as a donkey knows about flying.

Obama won the debate and Romney was “all over the map.” In fact, it’s not clear whether he was even on the map. His policies are completely wrong and reckless.

One of the most important qualities a President can have is decisiveness. Whether it’s right or wrong, people are uncomfortable about constantly switching positions. George W. Bush was a steadfast leader. It was not the correct decision, according to some, to invade Iraq, but President Bush stuck by his decision. He didn’t flip-flop. He didn’t hide from it. He didn’t say he didn’t do it.

President Obama has also been steadfast in his leadership and accomplishing the things he promised. He ended the war in Iraq. He has turned the economy around. He got Bin Laden. He’s on the right track and you know where you’re headed if you’re on board with him.

One man is correct for America, the other is Incorrect.

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