Mitt Romney Looks Dejected as He Pumps His Own Gas (Video)

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A forlorn and dejected looking Mitt Romney was photographed pumping his own gas recently, after losing the campaign to President Obama by quite a bit. The Republican nominee was seen at an unknown gas station, standing next to his car while the gas flowed, just like any other American. You would have thought that Romney had people for that, but perhaps they were the illegals that he was forced to let go during the campaign.

The image appeared on Reddit, with Romney wearing a light blue button-down shirt and slacks with no tie. He wasn’t smiling into the camera as he was when he was campaigning. If anything, the loser of the 2012 Presidential Election looked tired and rather dejected. Apparently, the man who had trouble connecting with the average American does pump his own gas. He just happens to own a collection of cars that could probably feed a small country.

Here’s a video with the Mitt Romney photo that has gone viral.

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