Mitt Romney must steal Obama voters disgusted with economy

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Mitt Romney must steal Obama voters disgusted with the economy if he has any hope to win the presidential election in November according to the Wall Street Journal on Thursday.

The new agency is basing their assumption on polling (what else is new, right?), and they say that Romney’s 47 percent video is basically to blame for the headwinds he now faces with voters.

Obama’s alleged eight-percentage point lead in Ohio, and his alleged five-point percentage lead in Colorado and Wisconsin are supposedly the doom and gloom news for Romney at present. And they come thanks to a “victim” video rather than any success with the economy or other issues this election year.

Thus the Journal says the presidential nominee will have to strip supporters from the president in order to win the White House in November after Romney’s 47 percent video.

And that shouldn’t be too hard once the Republican nominee gets back to the economy, the joblessness, the high unemployment, etc., etc., etc. After all, Mitt Romney isn’t the only one with a negative video making the rounds, as the MC Bama video is even better thant the 47 percent one.

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