Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan Erotic Fiction

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The latest “fan fiction” is Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan erotic fiction. Journalists are talking about Ryan’s P90X workouts, making him somewhat of a “sex symbol.”

Fan fiction writers such as E.L. James (“50 Shades of Grey“) have been taking characters from Twilight, Harry Potter, and even Olympic athletes and putting them in sexualized stories.

The sexy scenes between Ryan and Romney are not surprisingly gay. Ryan is so anti-gay it does make one wonder about where such hatred comes from. Hitler’s plan was to kill off all Jews when he was half Jewish!

Another story changes Paul’s name to “Paulette,” and he/she and Mitt live happily ever-after. An excerpt from one of the pornographic stories printed in the Atlantic brings politics into the mix, “‘Screw me like we’ll screw the poor,’ Mitt called out…

Not exactly tasteful literature but accurate about what they would do to the poor.

What do you think, is this a good way to springboard a budding erotic writing career? How does “50 Positions of the GOP” sound for a title detailing Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan romps along the campaign trail?

Image Source: Paul Ryan x Mitt Romney Fanfiction Tumblr

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