Mitt Romney the Dove Challenges Obama the Hawk on Endless Afghanistan Mission

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In Dayton, Ohio, Mitt Romney made President Obama look like a war hawk on Saturday, consoling a military mother whose daughter has been serving in Afghanistan for years. The Grand Old Party usually carries the label of hawk, but with an extremely unpopular war or military operation or mission for Middle East resources, whatever it is being called these days, the politician who sides with the sobbing mother certainly appears to be on the side of goodness. According to CBS News, Romney called out the President at the Ohio rally for having a lack of focus when it comes to the purpose of the war in Afghanistan. Romney said in response to the mother’s complaint, “If your daughter is not familiar with the mission that she’s on, how in the world can the commander-in-chief sleep at night.’

The Republican candidate has a point. He raises the question that has been nipping at the Romney Skidmoreheels of two Presidents now, what is going on over there? What is all the expense, effort, and loss of life for? Is it justified?

Despite his role playing as a dove, Mitt Romney did emphasize that he believes there is a reason for military action—supporting Afghan forces so the Taliban is unable to take power in the country. In true politician form, he played both the hawk and the dove at the same time. While both Republicans and Democrats have their feet on either side of the fence, a huge chunk of taxpayer money continues to be funneled to support the military machine, which apparently is on a mission to save Afghanistan from itself.

So, will Romney bring home the troops and end the war? No, in fact he has no plan to make the United States a more peaceful leader, let alone to bring any troops home. Whether Obama is re-elected or Romney or one of the other Republicans gets voted into the White House, it looks like the endless war will keep on going.

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