Mitt Romney Wins Nevada Caucauses

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Mitt Romney has won the Nevada Republican caucuses today. This follows a big win in Florida back on Tuesday. Even after the release of his taxes, which brought out even more critics, Romney seems to be pulling through nicely. Of course, these caucuses do not determine who will win the presidency, but they do give the respective parties an idea of where their constituents’ votes will go.

Mitt Romney 2007 profile portraitWith all the controversy surrounding Romney’s taxes, including the fact that he paid a smaller percentage of his income to taxes than many Americans who make less than him, many did not believe his popularity would remain so high. In fact articles blasting Romney’s last tax return have shown up on the homepages of both Yahoo! and MSN. Of course in Nevada and Utah, Romney has easily won due to sharing the prominent faith of the people. According to entrance polls, at least 25% of voters at the caucuses where of the Mormon faith.

Tuesday the Republican candidates will be voted on in caucuses in Colorado, Missouri, and Montana. With today’s caucuses, Gingrich and Paul were in a close race for second, but Tuesday’s caucus in Missouri will be short a candidate since Gingrich failed to even get his name on the ballot. As the race to the presidential election heats up, Mitt Romney continues to gain momentum while the others are quickly falling behind.

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