MLB 2010: Top Hitters and Pitchers in the AL and NL

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It’s time for some commentary on the 2010 MLB hitting and pitching leaders. Until the reality of major league baseball catches up to “Money Ball,” the top batting and pitching categories are batting average, home runs, RBI’s and wins, E.R.A and saves, respectively.

The top of the leader board at this point in the season is typically a tell-tale of what’s to come and a clear sign of the season’s highlight performances. And this year there are more surprises than usual.

Let’s start with the AL.

Josh Hamilton is leading the league in batting average, and not just by a little. His .362 is not only astronomical, it’s 11 points than the closest AL hitter and 40 points better than the highest National League Average. A man recently known for drug abuse and crushing baseballs during home run derby’s has become the most efficient hitter in baseball.

Another big surprise sits in the top home run spot, Toronto’s Jose Bautista. Not only is it weird to have a Blue Jay leading the league in something as important as home runs, but…who is Jose Bautista? He’s got 32 home runs which is SIX more home runs than anyone else in the American League. His best home run total previous to this season was 16. That’s right he’s already doubled his best season. I smell steroids…

Miguel Cabrera is leading the league with 93 RBI’s, which is eight more than second place’s Alex Rodriguez. This statistical category tends to fluctuate the most as it is dependent not just on power numbers but the on-base percentage of others. However, Cabrera is safe money. His power and consistency is quickly making him the American League’s Albert Pujols…the young and athletic version of Alex Rodriguez, the…ok, you get the point, I know.

Stay tuned for the NL batting leaders.



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