MMA Aftermath–Did Bobby Lashley Cheat?

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The last weekend of January saw the Strikeforce MMA debut of Bobby Lashley.  Lashley is best known for his run at pro-wrestling, wrestling for Vince McMahon’s WWE and Hulk Hogan’s TNA.

Lashley, 33, is not only a former ‘WWE Superstar’, but he’s also a former amateur wrestling champion and member of the United States Army.  He’s also built, fittingly enough, like a tank.

Lashley, in his Strikeforce debut, mopped the ring with some guy named Wes Sims.  Sims, one of the tallest MMA fighters at 6-foot-8, has a professional record of 22 wins, 13 losses, one draw and two no-contests.  Lashley made him look like a rookie.

Now Sims has something to say.

Sims, after his humbling defeat, took to YouTube to accuse Lashley of being on ‘the juice’, claiming there was no pre-match drug testing.  He also claims Lashley had to be warned several times about going to Sims’ throat.  Sims even went so far to claim he was in a ‘two on one’ situation, believing the referree improperly stopped the match early.

Apparently, his loss to Lashley was everyone’s fault–but his own.

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