MN nuclear power plants are not safe.

Holy Cow, it isn’t just the oil industry that we need to worry about. MN could send nuclear radiation down the whole Mississippi River. Accidents happen. Especially when it’s all designed badly.


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission sent Xcel Energy a letter telling it that safety equipment at the MN Prairie Island nuclear plant, on the Mississippi River, could fail if water pipes broke and flooded part of the plant.

Xcel Energy officials said the NRC’s concern is valid, and the company has already taken steps to reduce risks.

This latest notice came nine months after the NRC found a different violation that identified safety risks if severe weather caused damaged at the plant.

A NRC spokeswoman said the latest issue involves a design problem. A a large pipe that pumps cooling water from the Mississippi River into the plant is located close to emergency diesel generators, auxiliary feedwater pumps and huge batteries. That equipment is not protected and could be flooded in a matter of minutes if the pipe ruptured making it difficult to shut the plant down in an emergency.

“We are postulating one accident, and then a second. That’s how bad accidents happen. Sometimes things line up in a way that you cannot predict.”

Prairie Island site vice president Mark Schimmel said that until recently, Xcel thought any pipe rupture near the safety equipment could be handled by operators on duty, but has learned that may not be true in a worst-case scenario.


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