Moammar Gaddafi: Had Virgin Women as Bodyguards

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In the aftermath of news that Moammar Gaddafi was shot dead by Libyan rebel forces Thursday, the odd details of his personal protection come out. Gaddafi bodyguards composed of 40 women who were something out of Pam Anderson’s VIP TV show. Granted, the female gang wasn’t there for the insane dictator when he was gunned down, but they certainly had their place in his establishment. ABC News reports that the bodyguards were all virgins and vowed to protect the hated dictator.

Moammar Gaddafi referred to his harem of bodyguards as “Amazons.” The women were handpicked by the ruler and wore decorative uniforms with makeup and high-heeled combat boots.

Like a lot of unstable rulers in war-torn nations who are killed, their history with women is discovered. The information is often shocking and sickening. Ironically, the “Amazon” bodyguards were nowhere near Gadaffi when he was shot dead. No one knows if Gadaffi was shot by his own people or the Libyan rebels who wanted to oust the brutal dictator. It’s believed that if his own protection shot him, it was to avoid rebels capturing him.

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