‘Mob Wives’ Renee is Happy about the Betrayal Shown on Reality Show

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Fans of Mob Wives saw how Renee Graziano was betrayed by her ex-husband Junior, as he wore a wire to bring down Renee’s father, essentially breaking up his ex-wife’s entire family. What he did was unforgivable, and while Renee broke down when the incident actually happened, it seems she is stronger now. Renee recently spoke to Hollywood Life and while the VH1 show has gotten some criticism about ‘not being real,’ Renee is happy that everything is in the headlines now because the show is proving that the lifestyle is real. “Actually this might sound a little cocky but I’m glad it’s playing out in national headlines,” Renee tells the website. “Because people know this is real. You get a lot of remarks that this is staged. Listen, if I could get the government or anybody behind the scenes to get them to pinch 127 people and get my ex husband into a snitch we would be gazillionaires and everyone would want us!”

Renee spoke out to the website, just before her father pled guilty to the charges that he received after Junior fooled Renee’s father believed that Junior was on his side. It appears that her father could be facing three years after pleading guilty. So, is this Mob Wives star going to the court to hear the sentencing? “No I’m not [going down to court],” she says. “Every time I’ve been to court there’s been too much attention. I don’t think it’d be good for the other familes.(sic) My father is fine with me and who I am, but the other families it’s not necessary.”

It is sad to think that Renee is so protective of her father, considering her ex-husband who she trusted, is the one responsible for putting him back in jail. But Renee doesn’t have the compassion for Junior that she has for her father. “If everyone thinks this is all I have they are sadly mistaken,” she says of Junior’s betrayal and the show. “That came, that blindsided all of us, no one was expecting that …this will not affect my story line and I have a lot more than Junior in my life.” It is great to see that she won’t be putting up with Junior’s betrayal.

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