‘Mob Wives’ Star Renee Has Cut Off Communication with Junior After Betrayal

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Fans of Mob Wives saw how Renee Graziano was betrayed by her ex-husband Junior on last week’s episode of the show. She completely broke down when she learned that he had turned himself in on charges that added up to about seven years in prison. While he was plotting behind her back, she was planning their future together because she was expecting him to get a few months behind bars for unrelated charges. Well, what fans will learn is that Junior cooperated with the feds to bring down Renee’s father, especially stabbing her entire family in the back. He supposedly wore a wire and tricked Renee’s father into revealing secret information. As shown last week, the feds picked him up as Renee was on the phone.

Well, it has been a while since this was filmed, so fans are curious to know how Renee is doing now and if she talks to Junior Pagan now that he is in prison. The Mob Wives star reveals that she has dropped all communication with her ex-husband. “I have no relationship with my son’s father whatsoever,” she told Hollywood Life over the weekend. “Not at all. I found forgiveness for myself, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to go on and date and be a happy person.”

Renee Graziano from season 1 of Mob Wives

And he doesn’t deserve her in his life after what he did. He should be ashamed of bringing down his ex-wife’s father while living at her house, going to therapy with her to save their marriage and lying to her every day about his motives. So, Renee has moved on from Junior and she is even open to dating again. “I’m single and I’m open to dating,” she said.

It looks like Renee will be much better off. No one deserves living with someone who can be so deceptive.

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