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Loyalty Rewards: customers love them, and so do retailers. But keeping track of all those cards can be a pain, well theres an APP for that! And here is one Android owners review of it.

KeyRing For Android is a great mobile app that allows you to store all your rewards cards in one convenient place in your phone! But not only that, Keyring will connect you with the retailer themselves and you will get deals and coupons sent right to your phone! Now for those of you who don’t like saving money, this app isn’t for you. For those of you that do…read on.

After you have downloaded Keyring to your Smartphone, you can now either scan (using the camera of your phone) or manually enter your savings club account card number. Think of all those cards you have hanging around your wallet or purse these days. The Drug store, the grocery store, the gas station, you name it, they probably have a rewards card! Just scan the bar code on your card and Keyring will store it on your phone forever. Meaning you don’t have to carry all those cards with you anymore, they will all be stored on your phone for convenient storage and making finding them a whole lot faster two.


Not only that, but Keyring will put you in contact with participating merchants in your area and send you coupons and sales right to your phone. you can either print the coupon out or just scan it right from your phone at the register, depending on the coupon. Some cards (like the Kroger Plus Card) allow you to link to “cellfire” another coupon program that allows you to “load your card” with coupons, automatically redeeming them when you scan your card at the check out!


Even clipping coupons is quickly moving into the age of information. Proving again, that smartphones aren’t all about games and sound effects, but that there are some really useful apps for whatever reason you can think of.


Overall Rating: 4.5/5


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