Model Tiffany Livingston Detained After Panic Attack on JetBlue Flight-Pics Emerge

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Tiffany Livingston, a Playboy Model, was detained by federal authorities for trying to open the hatch of a plane that was at a cruising altitude.  Sources close to the case say that a panic attack and anxiety disorder could have played a part in the temporary custody of her.  New pics have emerged of Tiffany Livingston.

Events that led to model’s detention?

Tiffany Livingston, according to a report from CBS News, was aboard JetBlue Flight 522 bound to Newark, New Jersey, after departing from Orlando International Airport. She allegedly tried to open a plane’s door.  Federal authorities confirm it was Tiffany Livingston, the Playboy model, based on the new pics.

Tiffany Livingston, 21, allegedly left her seat, abruptly, and raced over to a secured door hatch of the JetBlue passenger plane, and tried to open it.  Thankfully, Tiffany Livingston was not able to successfully un-secure the hatch.

The Playboy model suffers from panic attacks and anxiety disorder.  This could have played a part in the bizarre behavior of Tiffany Livingston.  An anonymous source said the panic attack and missed medication were all reasons Tiffany Livingston “freaked out” aboard the JetBlue flight bound to Newark from Orlando.

“She said she’s gone through this before, but never this bad, and didn’t have…her medication,” said the source, based on a New York Post report.  They say Livingston has always dealt with issues of panic attack and anxiety disorder in the past, but has always maintained her demeanor.

New Pics of the model surface

Pics have emerged of Tiffany Livingston all over the internet that show a calm and collective side to the buxom model who began her modeling career in England.  The photos of the Playboy model were taken by photographer, Mike Walsh.  The pics can be seen here of Tiffany Livingston.

Tiffany Livingston, after the incident involving the door, and her alleged panic attack, was place in federal custody and later released.  Charges for the VIP model are still pending for Tiffany Livingston.

Panic attacks and anxiety disorders are conditions that can be treated.  Talk to your doctor if you suspect you are suffering from panic attacks or anxiety disorders.

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