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When most of us think of “Grandfather” we think of our own Grandfather.  Although my Grandfather was a big influence in my life and the person I am today, I want to talk about my Grandchildren’s Grandfather, my husband, Roger.  He is the perfect Grandfather. He is kind, compassionate and playful. He teaches, loves and leads by example. He teaches his grandchildren just as he did his children, that family is very important and romance in a marriage should never die.









This man is an example to his three grandchildren.  He does not just tell them about the scriptures and church. He takes them there.



He spends time with each Grandchild individually to make sure they know they are important.








He plays with them, teaches them to fish, garden, play ball and what I call “rough-house around”.  LOL  Haley caught her first fish while fishing with her Grandfather. He got her and Parker their own fishing pole and taught them to fish.


This man is Parker’s idol. Parker wants to be just like Grandpa (Ralphy as he jokingly calls him). Parker loves to watch cartoons while sitting on his Grandfather’s lap.  He loves to lay in his Grandfather’s arms as he reads to him.


This man took off work and rushed the 9 hour drive immediately when his daughter was having emergency surgery. He was there when our youngest Grandson was born and was the one who seems to have held him the most, according to the photos. LOL  This fact is only because he would not share the newborn too much with us.

So when I think of Grandfather, I think of this wonderful man who is learning to be the perfect Grandfather though experience and is doing an amazing job at it.

He is only 50 years old and is not only called “GrandPa” but he has already earned the title of “Grandfather”.

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