‘Modern Family’ ‘Bixby’s Back’ Valentine’s Day Episode Recap

ItÂ’s another Modern Family ValentineÂ’s Day, and that can only mean one thing. Clive Bixby–and Juliana–are back. But how does it compare to last year when Juliana/Claire (Julie Bowen) got her trench coat stuck in the escalator?

Cam and Mitch… and Broderick

File:ETalk2008-Julie Bowen ALT.jpgAnother Modern Family Valentine’s Day apparently also means Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) isn’t getting Cam’s (Eric Stonestreet) flowers, because Mitchell’s assistant Broderick (Jeremy Rowley) forgot. Broderick also accidentally scheduled Mitch for a late Valentine’s Day meeting. “Me, Mitchell, wedge,” Cam tells the young assistant in the elevator.

But Broderick might not be crushing on Mitchell, but Cam. “Did I validate you?” Broderick asks Cam. “Oh, yes, you did,” he responds.

At dinner that night, Cam tells Mitch the truth about Broderick. Naturally, this leads to a fight; they both disagree about who Broderick has a crush on. “Well pick out china and move to Vermont,” Mitch says, jealousy rearing its ugly head.

When Broderick quits, though, the two realize how foolish they’re being, and they have their one sentimental moment of Modern Family “Bixby’s Back.” Mitch says, “Maybe we should appreciate each other a little more.”

Jay Tries Making Up for Last YearÂ’s Modern Family

Last year, Jay (Ed OÂ’Neill) took Gloria (Sofia Vergara) to a stand-up comedy show. This year, heÂ’s switching things up. HeÂ’s surprising her with a gourmet dinner at home, but first he needs to get her out of the house and not seated at the Ibiza restaurant. After a few missteps–like taking Cam and MitchÂ’s reservation–they finally head back to the house, and Gloria ainÂ’t happy.

“I’m the second wife Jay, why do you treat me like the first?” she declares.

She wants to go for a ride to clear her head, but Jay carries her inside where… thereÂ’s no one there. Back out to the garage they go, where their dinner is waiting. Gloria figured out JayÂ’s plan, and she wanted to prove sheÂ’s smarter than Jay. “Shut up, I win,” she says, when Jay insists ValentineÂ’s Day is not a competition.

“BixbyÂ’s Back” on Modern Family

Phil and Claire decide to have a grown-up dinner at Ibiza. But after a few senior citizens and their scooters get in the way, Claire comes to a conclusion: “I know Phil and I will grow old together. But today is not that day.”

And so begins the latest tale of Bixby and Juliana, the DunphyÂ’s alter-egos. They meet at the same bar as last time, and Clive works his magic with pick-up lines like: “You look hot enough to cook a pizza on…in.”

So how does all this go wrong? Juliana puts her hotel key onto the bar. Phil/Bixby turns around to kiss her and grabs what he thinks is the hotel key. But it belongs to the older woman (Nan Tepper) sitting next to him.

He goes up to a hotel room, as does Juliana. She slips into a robe in the bathroom, and he decorates with rose petals and strips to his boxers. She calls and he says heÂ’s right outside her door. But when she opens that door, heÂ’s nowhere to be found.

The ending to Clive and Juliana wasnÂ’t as laugh-out-loud funny as last yearÂ’s storyline, mostly because it lost its shock value, but Bixby still had his moments.

Bixby and Juliana have been put away for now, and Phil and Claire decide to be two American kids doing the best they can by celebrating at home in their own room. They continue celebrating, too, even after Dylan (Reid Ewing) shows up to serenade Haley (Sarah Hyland), who has just broken up with her other boyfriend with help from a crushing Manny (Rico Rodriguez II).

“Am I a bad enough parent to ignore that?” Claire asks. Yes. Yes she is.

So ends the ValentineÂ’s Day episode of Modern Family. The ABC comedy is already promising another Bixby episode, but that wonÂ’t happen for another year. Did you think this episode was as funny as last yearÂ’s? Or is it time for Phil to role-play a new character?

Modern Family airs on Wednesday at 9pm Eastern on ABC.

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