‘Modern Family’ ‘Caught in the Act’ Recap, Rachael Harris Guest Stars

ABC’s comedy “Modern Family” knows how to set-up misunderstandings among the characters. Season 2, Episode 13, Caught in the Act was no exception.

As is usual for the show, though, the confusion came between Gloria (Sofia Vergara) and Claire (Julie Bowen), and it had nothing to do with SofiaÂ’s accent. Meanwhile, Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson)–as usual–were in their own little world trying to impress a restaurant owner, and failing miserably.

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Rachael Harris guest stars as Amelia

Amelia owns the hottest new restaurant in town, and Cam and Mitch want to get a reservation. Thankfully, Amelia’s son Jackson is in pre-school with Lily, and so they set up a play date. As is to be expected from “Modern Family,” things go downhill fast.

Rachael Harris plays her typical role–a tough, demanding woman–or so Cam and Mitchell learn when they hear her reaming out someone on the phone. Nervous, Cam breaks a strawberry juice box all over AmeliaÂ’s $50,000 limited edition rug and then blames it on her son. To top it off, Mitchell accidently breaks a vase. TheyÂ’re obviously not getting into AmeliaÂ’s restaurant any time soon.

Phil and Claire get caught in the act on “Modern Family”

The Dunphy kids want to surprise their parents the morning of the anniversary. Too bad there’s no lock on the door, because the kids walk right in. The girls attempt washing their eyes out, but Luke (Nolan Gould) is a little less disturbed. “It looked like Dad was winning,” Luke exclaimed

While the kids try to forget what they saw, Claire and Phil attempt to rehearse what to say. Claire doesnÂ’t want them to look at her with judgement and disgust. Yet, as Phil points out, thatÂ’s how they always look at them.

Sofia sends an email

Just before Sofia and Jay (Ed OÂ’Neill) head to Las Vegas, Sofia tries to write an email to Claire about the bake sale. After Jay tries to help, Sofia accidentally sends an email to her calling Claire a bossy control freak.

When Jay tries to call Claire, she refuses to talk to Sofia, claiming sheÂ’s too upset to talk–because of the kids walking in. But Jay and Sofia donÂ’t know that and assume itÂ’s from the email, hence, the big misunderstanding on “Modern Family” Caught in the Act.

Things only get worse, as they always do in a humorous way, when Sofia and Jay go over to the house. Sofia attempts an apology. “It happened to me before with another woman,” she starts, causing Claire and Phil to go into shock. “Test my cupcakes! I will join you.”

When the confusion gets to be too much, the truth comes out, and Sofia is off to delete the email she sent before Claire can see it. SheÂ’s almost caught, until Jay embarrasses her by saying she accidentally sent a naked picture of herself. And Claire definitely doesnÂ’t want to see that! Phil? Well, heÂ’s another story.

Claire and Phil talk to the kids

Haley (Sarah Hyland), Alex (Ariel Winter), and Luke have a plan to just smile and nod. It works, even when Phil says, “It’s like you’re shaking your hands, but you’re not using your hands, at all.”

To wrap up the show, the kids buy their parents a lock for their door as an anniversary gift. Appropriately, the gift backfires. Why? Because every time Claire and Phil lock the door, everyone can hear it in the house.

Luke has been stellar at wrapping up “Modern Family” lately, so it’s also appropriate that he ends this one, too. After his parents leave their locked bedroom, Luke says: “It’s hard for me to look at dad afterwards.”

What did you think of Caught in the Act? What was your favorite moment or line? What did you think of Rachael HarrisÂ’s appearance?

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