Modern Family Dance Dance Revelation

We’ve got a bit of competition taking place on “Modern Family,” season two, episode 10, Dance Dance Revelation. The two young boys Manny (Rico Rodriguez) and Luke (Nolan Gould) have their first school dance, but it clearly isn’t all about them.

Jay and Phil go to the mall on “Modern Family”
Manny needs a teal pocket square, and Luke needs a suit that doesn’t squeeze him out of it. But the kids are easy enough to take care of, even if they end up choosing matching ties. It’s Jay (Ed O’Neill) and Phil (Ty Burrell) who have the problem. “There’s more to being a man than shopping for fancy outfits.” And Jay takes this opportunity to give some lessons to the boys…and Phil.

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For one, Jay says, “Never let someone take what’s yours,” like a parking spot. Until Jay realizes that the guy who stole the parking spot is having a hard day of his own. He realizes how hard he’s being on Phil, and he doesn’t want to be like his father. But he doesn’t realize this until after Phil gets taken into mall security custody for attacking the perfume guy with cologne, over and over again. You live, you learn.

“Modern Family” Claire gets territorial
Claire (Julie Bowen) is the chair of the dance, but Gloria (Sofia Vergara) claims she’s the co-chair, and with her loud voice she wants to be heard. After Claire refuses to listen to her ideas, Gloria decides to do move the tables anyway in order to make the dance floor bigger. All the mothers love it–except Claire. And even janitor Gus (Danny Trejo) turns his attention from Gloria to Claire.

Instead of fighting, they finally admit why they’re upset. Claire says organizing the dance is “her thing.” Meanwhile, Gloria says she wants the other mothers to see her as something more than the woman who turns guy’s heads.

Cam and Mitchell have a biting problem
The two “Modern Family” dads don’t have a part to play in the school dance, but they do have a big problem. Baby Lily has been biting other kids on the playground. Naturally, they don’t want to believe it at first – even saying it’s like a game, “Let’s blame the gay dads!” – but then Lily chomps down on Cam (Eric Stonestreet), again and again and again.

Where do they search for a solution on “Modern Family”? Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) starts with the Internet of course. But Cam doesn’t like the idea of someone outside the family disciplining her. Or putting pepper in her mouth. Cam also doesn’t agree that he’s enabled her, by playing with her feet and saying he wants to eat her all up. Instead, he tries to sing a song. And it fails.

But that’s parenting. Just like the other episodes of “Modern Family” – granted, funnier ones than this Dance Dance Revelation – Jay gives a little lesson, and this time its about being a parent. “Fake your way through it,” he said. “And hopefully you don’t raise a serial killer.”

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