‘Modern Family’ Is Bringing Back Nathan Lane

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Modern Family is certainly one of the top comedies on television right now, and it definitely does not need any help from big-name guest stars. But why shouldn’t they bring back an actor who worked well for them in the past to keep up their ratings?

The return of Nathan Lane


TVGuide has reported that actor Nathan Lane will be coming back to the ABC comedy “as Cameron and Mitchell’s flamboyant party thrower pal, Pepper.” His return will air later this season.

So what brings Pepper back into their lives? According to Steve Levitan, executive producer of the series, “Mitch and Cam go out for a boys night with Pepper and a bunch of their other gay friends. Jay stumbles in to the party. We’re having a lot of fun playing with Nathan and this will be a very funny use of him.”

Nathan Lane is one of the best comedy actors out there, and itÂ’s no surprise that his first time on Modern Family was a hit. ThereÂ’s little doubt that will be any different the second time around. The series consistently brings laughs each week, and that hasnÂ’t changed this season. ItÂ’s no surprise that ABC will be showing reruns of the series on Wednesdays in addition to a new episode starting in April.

Are you happy to hear that Nathan Lane is returning to Modern Family?

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