‘Modern Family’ Star Sofia Vergara’s Pepsi Ad Controversy over Thinner Figure

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“Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara flaunts her curvy figure at a Los Angeles beach. Vergara is filming a Pepsi commercial. You would think that the actress would be controversy-free as she enjoys her day at the beach filming. Nope!


The National Eating Disorders Association called the Pepsi advertisement “thoughtless and irresponsible.” Must everyone have a say in a celebrity’s business? Apparently the association is angry that Pepsi is promoting a new slender appearance for “The Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara.

Does The National Eating Disorders Association think that Pepsi doctored the Sofia Vergara photos to maker her appear skinnier after drinking the Pepsi product? Yes. However, Vergara promises that digital technology was not used to make her look less curvy in the photos.

Vergara explained that she looked less curvy in the Pepsi ad due to “a different way of dressing.” As you can plainly see, Sofia Vergara is wearing a cover up over her middle section. Obviously this type of dressing would cover a woman’s problem areas.

Regardless of the controversy, Sofia Vergara should be very proud of her curvy, vivacious figure. Women have been stressed in society to look as thin as the average skinny celebrity. Vergara is breath of fresh air for women everywhere.

May Hollyweird embrace “The Modern Family” actress’ curvy figure, and let anorexia in teens and young adults be gone forever. Check out the photos on the link above and see for yourself. Vergara is by no means overweight. She is a normal woman. After all in America, the average woman wears a 12 to 14 pant size.

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