‘Modern Family’, ‘Supernatural’ and ‘X Factor': Who Will Win Wednesday Nights?

This fall, Modern Family, Supernatural and X Factor go head to head on TV. Who will win the Wednesday night battle? Take a look and judge for yourself.

ABC Offers Strong Competition

ABC’s most popular comedy has a lot going for it including excellent writing, great characters skillfully handled by talented actors and a very strong audience base.

This year the show is pulling out the stops by making Sofia Vergara’s character, Gloria, pregnant. However, that isn’t all. They’re adding in her husband’s angst over the surprising turn of events. That gives the show’s writers a lot to work with this year.

X Factor May Not “Mark the Spot”

This Fox show is hoping that Britney Spears will draw in younger viewers. After that, they’re hoping the singers’ talent will keep the audience glued to their seats week after week.

That seems questionable at best. Spears is a draw, but whether people stay or go will depend on the entire judging panel. Plus, unless the talent is stronger than some of last year’s contestants, people will tune out after a week or two.

X Factor seems to have a lot of problems, some of which are still unresolved. This is one time when X probably won’t mark the spot for viewers.

Supernatural is a Cult Hit

There are no viewers more hard-core on television today than those attached to this CW show other than maybe those who love the CW’s Vampire Diaries.

People who’ve been watching Supernatural for years aren’t turning that dial anywhere for anyone. That’s just a fact. However, with the show’s new night, it is possible it could might pull some new viewers in. Horror is hot now and no one does it better.

The Remaining Competition isn’t As Strong

NBC’s Law & Order: SVU and Criminal Minds (CBS) air in the same time frame and are, therefore, considered competition as well. However, Law & Order continues to lose viewers and Criminal Minds is an acquired taste. They won’t likely pull enough numbers to make much of a ratings difference.

According to a poll being conducted by E!, the edge goes to Supernatural, with Modern Family running a close second. Law & Order is losing big time, with Criminal Minds and X Factor not faring well either. But is the poll an accurate reflection of viewership?

It could be. The ABC comedy hit isn’t likely to lose any viewers and Supernatural fans are staying put. They’re the two Wednesday night shows to watch.

What show will you watch on Wednesday nights at 9:00 p.m.? Sound off below.

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