Molly and Jason’s Wedding: performers include Gavin Degraw, Jason Castro, thankfully not Jason Mesnick’s ex-wife

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Molly and Jason’s wedding aired Monday night on ABC, featuring performances from Gavin Degraw and Jason Castro and prompting wild internet searches about Jason Mesnick’s ex-wife.

Degraw performed his song, Follow Through, while Castro – made famous on rival network Fox’s megahit American Idol – sang That’s What I’m Here For.

The Bachelor has certainly gained a grip on the American viewing public. This season of the show wasn’t even over for two weeks before Monday’s wedding ceremony, wedding Bachelor Jason Mesnick and the woman he chose, Molly Malaney, stole the airwaves.

Forgive me for avoiding the whole thing. The Bachelor, to me, is a lot of what is wrong with reality television. Throwing a bunch of people into a flammable pot of love stew is a dangerous way to create a lifelong bond. Emotions tend to be slightly more intense in such a situation, with a much greater chance of flaming out down the road.

Of course, ABC doesn’t care about the feelings of those involved, only ratings, and I’m sure Monday’s were through the roof as all Bachelor shows are. There’s a reason it airs as often as it does.

But I’m not buying it. As a reality TV stunt and a way for two otherwise anonymous people to capitalize on 15 minutes of fame, it works. But as the start to a happily-ever-after, I think I’ll pass.

It may make for good TV. But my guess is it won’t make for holy matrimony.

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