Mom Arrested for Tattooing Preteen Daughter

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Let’s just say that Odessa Clay won’t be winning the mother of the year award any time soon. The 30-year-old was arrested for tattooing her preteen daughter. She claimed her 11-year-old asked her to tattoo a small heart near her right shoulder.

It took police about a year to make the arrest because a former in-law reportedly squealed on her to get back at her for filing a police report against her daughter’s paternal grandfather. When Clay was questioned about tattooing her daughter, she said that she thought minors could get tattoos as long as their parents approved. She probably should have made sure before permanently inking her daughter.

Even if Clay really thought it was legal for her to give her daughter a tattoo, it was still stupid of her to do that. Unless you get painful and expensive surgery, a tattoo is with you forever and an 11-year-old child isn’t old enough to decide if she should have a tattoo or not. She should have been firm with her daughter and said “no” when she asked her to give her a tattoo. Instead of being a responsible parent, she wanted to be her daughter’s friend.

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