Mom Handcuffs Daughter over Facebook Status

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Facebook tends to bring the worst out of certain types of people and that’s especially the case with Angela Martin. It seems she’s gunning for the “Mother of the Year” award for sure with her rendition of “good parenting.” What’s most ridiculous about this entire story? It all hovers over the use of the medical term for a certain part of the female anatomy.

Sources report that Angela Martin handcuffed her teenage daughter after a fight over a Facebook status the 14-year-old posted. Sources report that Angela Martin lost her cool when her teen daughter posted “Vagina, vagina, vagina.” on her Facebook page. Granted, it’s not the most ladylike thing to post on your social networking profile, but it’s not necessarily a bad word now is it? All girls have one, and if a grown adult woman is so offended by seeing the word “vagina” then what is she doing using hers to make kids? Seriously.

Anyway, she got angry and wanted her daughter to remove the status update and she wouldn’t. So she demanded that her daughter relinquish her password and she wouldn’t. So, the shining example of motherhood did what any person who doesn’t want to keep her kids would do. She roughed up her daughter and then handcuffed her. Angela Martin claims she went upstairs and then came back to discover that her handcuffed, captive daughter had escaped. The girl ran to a neighbor’s home still in handcuffs, and the neighbor called the police. Good!

On what planet is it acceptable to use handcuffs to restrain your kids? This woman is facing charges for what she did, so maybe she’ll learn her lesson; and good for her daughter for running to a responsible adult, even if it meant it wasn’t under her own roof. It is unacceptable and abusive to restrain children in this manner. Police say the child had scrapes on her face and red, swollen wrists; so it’s obvious that Angela Martin was not gentle with her daughter.

What kind of woman carries handcuffs around anyway? Is this something she does often? Furthermore, what kind of family gets into these kind of fights over Facebook at 2:00 in the morning? It seems like there is far more to this story than what is being released and hopefully child protective services are keeping an eye on this mess of a mother.

At the least, hopefully she’s figured out by now that her daughter isn’t going to let her abuse and handcuff her like some kind of criminal or animal. Cuffs are for cops and dominatrixes. They are not parenting aides.


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