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she passed from this world

to the next

as we’re destined to do

sans pomp, fanfare, empty accolades

surrounded by those she loved

for whom she’d have given her life

were it not taken

except my older bro

she loved him too

but traffic tied his hands that day

death comes when it will

without a plan

we all meant to be there

at the final moment

he just never meant it

soon enough

she didn’t leave much behind

no treasure trove

to be fought for

with tearing teeth and clawing nails

she gave it all, unselfishly

nickel by nickel

dime by dime

in her time

her clothes, bills, takeout menus

pre-owned furniture

destined to be owned again

some sad knick-knacks that gave

inexplicable joy

every card for every occasion ever sent

her budget book tracked every coin in and out

each month beginning black…

rounding out red

tired boxes of Christmas ornaments, the reusable tree

crammed in the guest room closet

with three pairs of shoes she’d wear no more

not much to show for a life

of toil and attainment

spent it as it came and went

nothing saved

rainy days come and gone

she left, as do we all

bereft of everything

her treasure stored in those she loved

as undying faith

unyielding pride

unwavering devotion

given to those who gave her life meaning

all gone now, her things

her body that bore me…merely dust

just as we will be

love she gave is still ablaze in me

time and again I feel her touch

hear her whisper in my soul

I miss her


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