Momma Grizzly vs. America’s Sweetheart

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Sarah Palin aka “Momma Grizzly” will be co-hosting the Today show on NBC Tuesday morning. At the same time, Katie Couric aka “America’s Sweetheart” will be filling in for Robin Roberts on CBC’s Good Morning America. Who will win the ratings battle royale?

Good Morning America trails the Today show by a mere 137,000 viewers. Putting Palin head to head against Couric is a ratings game.

Palin is to be interviewed during the 7 a.m. hour and co-hosting with Matt Lauer during the 8 a.m. hour. The show is attempting to lure viewers with the promise of “a side you haven’t seen” of Palin, as tweeted by show’s producer Megan Kopf (@MeganKToday).

What hasn’t America seen of Palin?

First, she made a fool of herself by accepting the GOP vice presidential nomination when she was ill-prepared and inexperienced. Couric embarrassed her when asking her what newspapers she read during the infamous 2008 interview. Palin accused Couric of using “gotcha” questions.

After her failed vice presidential run, Palin became a spokesperson for the Tea Party. She also found time to star in a reality TV show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska. She wrote a couple of books, one called “Going Rogue” which is a memoir. She’s done many interviews and given many speeches for GOP candidates.

Her daughter was on Dancing with the Stars and the father of her daughter’s baby had a reality show and has had guest appearances on shows such as Kathy Griffin where he knocked on Sarah Palin’s door.

America has seen Palin club a fish over the head, shoot at caribou, camp with Kate Plus 8, ride an ATV, pan for gold, and almost get eaten by a bear while fishing. What could America have missed about Momma Grizzly?

For an actual informed and educated broadcast, tune into CBS to watch Katie Couric on Tuesday morning. To hear Tea Party propaganda and repeat stories from Sarah Palin’s Alaska, tune into NBC.


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