Mom’s Blood, Down Syndrome Connected?

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New information says that a mother’s blood has a connection to Down syndrome. Just one simple test of the mother’s blood can determine if her unborn baby will have Down syndrome.

Though this test seems simple, however, it makes one wonder whether the test will cause more women who are pregnant with children who could potentially have Down syndrome to have an abortion. It’s difficult to bring up, but some mothers may not feel that they are able to adequately care for a child with Down syndrome, and finding out may cause them to abort the baby.

The information was published Sunday in the journal Nature Medicine and seems to suggest that scientists can find out if a child will have Down syndrome through fetal DNA that has gotten into the mother’s bloodstream. There is no say as to how far along the mother needs to be in her pregnancy, in order for the test to be accurate.

Though there is no commercial blood test available yet, a company in the US hopes to patent the test soon.

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