Mona Nelson Trial: Damaging Evidence is “Enough to Legally Convict;” Where is the Media?

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Mona Nelson, 44, allegedly tortured a child to death with a blowtorch before dumping his little body in a ditch in northeast Houston on Christmas Eve, 2010.

Compelling evidence during the trial linking Nelson’s DNA to 12-year-old Jonathan Foster’s Looney Tunes sweatshirt is “enough to convict,” according to a legal analyst. Katie McCall of the local ABC affiliate reported yesterday that “an FBI scientist said he found Nelson’s blood and DNA on several areas” of the sweatshirt.

The heartbreaking story of Jonathan Foster has barely registered a blip in the mainstream media, let alone any discussion that this case may be a “hate crime.” Nelson has not only escaped media scrutiny for the truly heinous crime; she has been offered support by racist activist Quanell X, the leader of the New Black Panther Party hate group in Houston.

Nelson does not have to face a jury of her peers, as her fate will be determined by a judge.

About a week ago, Deborah Wrigley of the local ABC affiliate reported that Jonathan’s mother Angela Davis “delivered heart-wrenching testimony.” Davis was at work on Christmas Eve 2010, and Jonathan was home alone. Davis returned a call from work that was allegedly from Nelson. Wrigley reported that “…a strange woman answered. She could hear her son in the background and then the line went dead.” Davis testified that when she arrived home, nobody was there. She said,

“I ran up and down the street banging on doors, standing in the parking lot, hollering my son’s name.”

But Jonathan was gone. His charred body was dumped on the side of the road that night. He was found four days later. There were no signs of trauma, other than the burns. There was no accelerant found on his body. He was likely burned alive by a blowtorch. While Angela Davis was screaming her child’s name, Mona Nelson had already dumped his body.

A neighbor told Cynthia Cisneros of the local ABC affiliate that Nelson, unbelievably, was at the house while people were looking for Jonathan. The neighbor said, “Yeah, she was just sitting there, looking at what was going on.” Cisneros wrote that “the horrible details were too much for several detectives who struggled to keep from crying.”

If Nelson used a gun, would this story have gotten media attention? What if the races were reversed? Why has nobody questioned whether this crime was motivated by race? What was the motive?

To this day, a motive has not been identified.

Perhaps the answer can be found in a cynical declaration made by a detective in Wildwood, New Jersey after two young men were allegedly beaten (but not robbed) by five Hispanic adults ranging in age from 25-35, according to one of the victims. In that unreported story, the detective told the distraught mother of attack victim Bobby Gavin, “Hate crimes don’t happen to white people.”

Watch the local ABC story regarding the DNA on the sweatshirt:

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