(Monday Writing Essential – April 9, 2012: An Innocent Remark) Stupid

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This week’s writing challenge:  Write a funny story, about an innocent remark.


At last I pulled in a brand new client. He was big in my industry and a real catch. He was also known as crude, lewd and an all round nasty guy. We needed the business. This attorney wore Levi 501 jeans, drove a Harley, never wore a helmet and tied his waist length hair behind his neck. As I said, we needed the business, so I warned my staff to simply ignore his well know vulgar language.

When you own your own business, you quickly learn to endear yourself to a client. In his case, I wrote a software program, specific to his demands and one in which no competitor ever rivaled. This helped me to better understand my client.

He once told me that he grew his hair long for a reason. Once a year he’d cut it off and donate it to the Cancer Society. He even apologized for his bad language. Until the day he called me, screaming, “What the heck have you been telling people?”

Yikes! He was mad. “I just told the truth. All I said was that the rumors about you weren’t true. I said that you’re a great, loving, giving man.”

“You dingbat. I worked hard for my reputation.”


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