Monday Writing Essential -July 29, 2013 -The Town “Fair” Pie Contest

This week’s challenge:write a modern fable.


The Town “Fair” Pie Contest

by Heather L Campbell

July 31, 2013


Mrs. O’Malley left for the town fair

Her hair all pinned up nice nary a care

She brought a nice pie so good for dessert

Sure would win first prize that’s what it was worth

A lovely day for a blue ribbon too

She’d act real surprised that’s what she would do.

Posing for photos, her left side or right?

She hoped her photo would be in good light.

Off now to reap what she spent hours to sow

Ten lattice topped apple pies in a row

Her apple was still the towns very best

One taste of hers would outshine all the rest

The moment had come “the winner I’ll call…”

Mrs O’Malley was not named at all

The Blue Ribbon… goes to Norma Mae Meryl,

The pecan pie made by our Mayor’s girl”

She was bested by a ten year old child…

I won dear Daddy!” Norma went wild…

Mayor Meryl….beamed as he pulled many strings

For Norma Mae Meryl he’d “fix” anything


Moral of the story: Not all pie contests at the fair are fair. The best pie does not always win.

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I am a Christian writer and published poet. I pray each day God uses me to uplift others and draw them to him. My feet are made of clay, but through me God can help others. My faith brings me comfort as I believe that the Lord has a plan for my life and

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