Monday Writing Essential – March 12, 2012: Fool’s Gold

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This week’s writing challenge: write on the theme of Ireland and heritage.

  • Write about leprechauns and fairies, banshees and kelpies.
  • Write about you and your German friends getting snookered on green beer.
  • Write the magic and majesty of a place that only exists in myth.
  • Write about your own heritage.


Men from all over would walk for miles just to listen to Patrick’s tales. Buy him a pint of ale and he’d tell a good story. But on a special day, his tale was different.

“I heard the wail of the banshee, but I knew it wasn’t calling for me. Such an eerie wail – so sad – so shrill. Fairies had been coming into my dreams telling me about a certain leprechaun they all hated. Every night it was the same dream. Until, one night they told me where and how to find me pot of gold. Aye, it was just a dream, I’d say to meself. But then, why not look. So off to the lake I went and true to the fairy dream, there was an old tree with roots partially in the water and a rabbit hole within the roots.

I had to climb into the dreaded water to peek in and pull out the pot of wonderful gold – bright, shiny gold. I quickly climbed onto the bank, fearing the dangerous waters and with gold in me hands, I sat till I could catch me breath. But suddenly a beautiful woman appeared to my right, just sitting on the bank with her legs below the water surface. I just knew it were a kelpie. Frightened was I. Right then, holding the pot of gold, I felt the leprechaun sneak up behind me. At the same time, the beautiful woman changed, whinnied and leapt at me with horse teeth gleaming. I quickly grabbed the leprechaun and threw him at her.

The banshee is no longer wailing. Bar Keep, a round of ale for everyone.”

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