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This week’s writing challenge:  write on the theme of walls and barrier. The things people put between each other.


I didn’t know that it was impossible to talk out loud in cyberspace. I’ll get out of this barrier and when I do, she’ll pay – oh she’ll pay. I was jubilant when she built a wall between our homes because I no longer had to see the trash in her back yard. How was I to know that she built the wall to keep me from tossing my trash over into her yard? How was I supposed to know that, when I built a short ladder so I could continuing tossing my trash over to her yard that she’d attack me and blow me into cyberspace with her sweet cinnamon, puce colored breath.

Well, I’m not waiting to get out of this barrier for revenge. I’ll send my friend an email and it will say: I need a favor. Late at night, sneak into my back yard, climb up the ladder and throw all your trash over the wall to my neighbor’s yard. Oh, and leave a note with an evil smiley face and my name on it. Signed, evil chirp.


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