Monday Writing Essential – March 5, 2012: Sweetness With an Edge – When fear wins out.

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This week’s writing challenge:  write on the theme of: who we are depends on where we are and who we are with.


Sad, sullen Jane was afraid to even open a window to clear the pot smell out of the house. It had triggered his rage before, and she was so terrified of John that she tried to be quiet and invisible. The only ones to visit were other potheads and the place reeked. Her only place of relief and joy, the only place she could laugh, was when she went to work. Her lazy, abusive husband couldn’t hold down a job and the money was badly need, if for no other reason than to keep him supplied with Mary Jane as that was the only time he wasn’t angry with her.

Jane loved her job. She knew that her boss and the other employees rated her highly. The fact that her boss believed in her and her abilities meant the world to her. Here, she could laugh without fear of being abused. This was a place where she wasn’t afraid to be herself. But, it didn’t pay well and there were times when there was no money to buy John his Mary Jane. When his friends visited, they’d help themselves and there were times when John was constantly in an abusive, bad temper.

One day, her boss announced that the safe had been broken into and $2,000 taken. She assured all that she didn’t believe any of them did it. But, the next time it happened, she required all employees to take a lie detector test. Jane was happy no more.

One of the questions from the purple haired, garishly dressed lie detector lady was, “Do you like my hair and clothes?”

Jane’s answer was, “Sure.”

Next question was, “Have you ever lied?”

Jane’s answer was, “No.”


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