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This week’s challenge: write an episode for the Twilight Zone.

I still get a chill whenever Rod Sterling delivers his clipped introductions to The Twilight Zone.  Not because the shows are scary anymore, I stopped watching them through the cracks in my fingers years ago, but because The Twilight Zone had the best writing on television.

So write a short piece, make it scary, make it ironic, put a twist at the end but give us a glimpse… into The Twilight Zone.


She was only nine years old, but even at that age, she thought Ken was a handsome dude.  He was smart, witty and, oh my, he had a great build.  Yet, he seemed lonely.

She chanced upon him one day while he was sitting on a street corner reciting poetry.  She sat down beside him and asked, “Why do you seem so sad?”

He said, “I’m lonely.  No one will play with me.”

“I’ll play with you.  What do you want to play?”

They played ‘kick the can’, tag and other kid games, quickly becoming inseparable friends.  Of course, when they grew up, they married each other.  Ken was so busy with his high paying career he found no time for his love, secure in the knowledge that there would be time later.  Fame and fortune bought them a beautiful house and his secretary, on his behalf sent her love gifts flowers, jewelry and expensive clothing.

Over time, this wasn’t enough for her and she demanded of Ken that he spend more time with her.  Sadly and even though Ken tried, his phone rang incessantly with demands from the big heads.  Of course, she finally filed for a divorce.

After considerable, unsuccessful meetings with marriage counselors, mediation and the such, they both appeared before Judge Snap, a female Judge. Judge Snap may have been biased, but she tried not to make snap decisions.  Ken refused to turn off his cell phone.  Every time it rang, he’d answer it.  Judge Snap gave Ken fair warning, but Ken ignored her warning and continued to talk on his cell phone.  Judge Snap snapped.

Ken is now a much happier man even though he’s homeless and sitting on the street corner holding a sign that reads “Alms”.  He no longer has those big, snotty heads hovering over him; shoving him around and making him jump through hoops.

She, on the other hand was awarded all of Ken’s stocks, bonds, bank accounts and everything else Ken owned.  Barbie was even awarded the doll house.


You have entered the Twilight Zone.


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