Monday Writing Essential: Old Time Lemons

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You remember Jayne out of L.A

Flew a little closer to the sun?

You remember Lorna with her buns?

Her rolls were mighty plenty

But for those she charged you twenty

I never knew a moment from a while.


You remember Joe he took your ego

Tossed it in the air – created fun?

You remember Peter – whose sight has gotten weaker

As we elevate the corner stones of life and

I never knew a moment from a while.


Can you remember Wailings back in Orleans?

Or Jeffersons; the Jones’ of Alderney?

You recall the anger – look at my best friend

You kicked him into to touch without a care

Now all he has is breathin’

With a gorgeous chick to feed him and

I never knew a moment from a while.


You recall the time we had in Hampstead?

Wild horses ran then blew away your chances

Those zebra’s were conceited

Just like the boys unseated!

Boy, I haven’t had so much fun for a while

But you know

I never knew a moment from a while.


© Bernard M. Coldwell all rights are reserved


Note: The above was written as a hospital visit and bedside manner of speaking. A friend visiting a lifelong pal who is laying in a coma after a fall on the sidewalk. He tries to speak words of encouragement into his ears.


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