Monday Writing Essential: The Circus

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The Circus


I watched the traveling circus lumber onto the fairgrounds in the late hours, the night sky full of stars.  The exhaust fumes and the whine of old gears and wheels from their vehicles mixed with the pungent smell of the animals.

 I huddled in the shadows, not feeling the cold, to watch them raise the tents, and nail the carnival booths together, listened to the hammers and the shouts as their extravaganza blossomed into life.  I smiled, excitement bubbling in my gut; tomorrow the fairgrounds would be alive in the wonder and glitter.  Maybe it was a bit faded around the edges, or tattered by too many days on the road, but I still thought it a spectacle to behold.  

This circus was where I spent the last, best day of my life…


I never expected to end my existence on the fairgrounds, let alone be doomed to haunt the place, so I’m trying to find my way.  Maybe I’m hoping for answers or that Mitch will be drawn back here so I can say good-bye.  I remember his proposal in front of the carnival booth, his silly grin as he gave me the ring and that stupid stuffed bear he had won.  I felt like everything snapped into place, that the whole world was perfect, as I said yes and he kissed me.

I remember the noise, a crack sound, and the pain as the bullet passed through my neck.   I felt the sensation of warm liquid, my blood, heard screams, and other people crumbled on the ground around me.  Mitch pleaded with me, tried to stop the bleeding I think.  Then I died, but I didn’t leave.  Something of me stayed, every sense still feeling the world where I had no place. 

So, here I am, breathing in the wonder of the circus, waiting…


Today’s challenge: Let us hear your voice.

Write in a distinct voice.  Write a poem, a prayer, an essay, a rant, a narrative or a conversation – but when you are done, you should know and we should know that the voice we hear is unique.


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