Monica Lowinsky Blames Bill Clinton for her Single Status

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Monica Lowinsky blames Bill Clinton for her single status.  According to Lowinsky, she is still in love with Bill.  For that reason, even after 15 years, she has not married.   But, has anyone asked her? Lowinsky, now 37, had her more than 15 minutes of fame when she and the then President Clinton had their tête-à-tête on Government property.

Monica Lowinsky has been busy in those 15 years.  She hosted a reality show; does anyone know the name of that show, seriously?  She moved overseas trying to run and hide from her emotions.  Even though Lowinsky has dated, she just can’t get Bill out of her mind.  Geeze, 15 years, forget it lady.  You might as well hang it up.  You were a fling, a bug on a windshield, a phase – if your ‘romance’ even existed at all.  The proof is the blue dress, and where is it now? Are you still hanging onto it in hopes of one day wearing it again?

Monica Lowinsky lives in California, according to Mail Online.  That seems a safe distance from where the Clintons live.  Hillary was forgiving back then, even though Billy says he didnÂ’t have sex with ‘that woman.’  WasnÂ’t there a big spike in record sales around that time with a song entitled, “Stand by your Man”?  Awh, history, how many ways can it be rewritten?

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